Handbags Next Trends

Practical and stylish, they are trends for winter and can also be used in your daily life (for work including!).
By Aline Sa
Increasingly popular in the streets these days, the handbags have emerged in mid-1920 and were like bags, well, hanging from a silk cord.Served only to carry a handkerchief, a small bottle of Cologne and a few coins.
As freedom has grown, also increased the need for that load. In 1930, the designer Emile Hermes realized that women were with their own cigarettes and lighters. This was the trigger for the creation of a scholarship that will accomodate all without kneading. Call Kelly bag, the play was a reference to the Hollywood actress who became princesaGrace Kelly.
Some time later, was born the purse wallet, which has gained popularity and glamour in the hands of the designer Coco Chanel. Thereafter, several models were created according to need and the rise of women.
According to baglib.com, handbags tend to decrease in size at the next station.
It is a trend, including the smaller it is, the more interesting it will be. Whatever the inspiration, she will be present and will come with full force, explains fashion consultant.
On various themes and inspiration, the stronger focus will be on Art décor, including furnishings and luxury style in architecture, and in dramatic themes such as Gothic-style somehow, ghostly. They will have many aged metal and arabesques, helping to compose a modern witch.
There will still be influenced by the retro style of years 50, with your classic glamour; of romanticism, which come in the form of flowers and embroidery; and the creativity of the rural world, which uses many details in wood and patchwork.
Who watched the latest fashion shows seen this trend very comprehensive. Earlier this year, the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, for example, brought the handbag to the catwalk by designers like Erika Ikezilli, Dudu Bertholini, Rita Comparato, Tuffi Duek, Isabela Capetto and among others.
The fashion designer Erika Ikezili, you bet the trend has brought creative and romantic handbags. They always came with lots of ruffles and were geometric shaped differentiated, recalling once again the influence of Art décor and 50 years in fashion.
Trends and colors
Different from the makeup, the stronger colors are prevalent in accessories and especially in the station.
This winter asks black, red (blood/dark), green, purple and violaceous, various shades of beige, Brown and light blue. Will be in shades like beets, also including the bashful and pink-burned.
Besides the leather, are also very used fabric bags that come with applications of embroidery and jewelry. The luxury of sumptuous velvets, lace, lush textures created through folds and hollows, and the plates will be used as application details.
Fashion formats vary from rectangular to the half moon style. Enter the list rounded square format sizes chest and the Trapeze. But before you innovate and see what suits you not to miss.
The label handbags
Choose the format according to your style, to hit. Already the size varies according to the formality of clothes and events. Here are some tips to not make ugly:
The relaxed, with models being asked sports material soft, medium-to-large size, style backpacks.
The more formal and classic go well with more structured models, modeled, lined and smaller.
For weddings, proms or graduations, you might want to load only enough: Lipstick, makeup for touch-ups, keys, a document of the person and the phone. For these occasions, prefer small and useful but without losing the elegance.
Scholarships in black color are basic and are considered a key piece in the production. If you want to buy one, it is worth investing in a classic model and good durability.
The neutral colors like sand, beige, Brown, chestnut, gray or white are easily coordinated with any production.
It’s always nice to have a small bag or microbolsa in silver or gold aged, for occasions of festivities.