Guilin, Honjo, Saana, and Saimaa: New Phones on The Horizon Lumia

And that was going to retreat to spend off the difficult times which was going to revive your illness, but did not, from time to time Evan Blass -Evleaks – appears to be ahead of things that have to do with the mobile industry.
What we bring you today has to do with your favourite dish: the phones Lumia. When they were part of Nokia, and then transition to Microsoft, evleaks has always been very active with the Windows Phone devices. Now put four names on the table:

  • Guilin – it is an internal code that corresponds with the name of a Chinese city
  • Honjo – a Japanese city
  • Saana – Finnish city
  • Saimaa – Finnish city, also the name of a Lake

Everyone ‘ s heard of Cityman and Talkman… but how about Guilin, Honjo, Saana, or Saimaa?

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) June 20, 2015
Apparently Microsoft will use city names to internally appoint Lumia projects, all of them with 10 Windows as operating system. This leads us to think that they will not be a reality soon, as there was before phones like “Cityman/Talkman” are destined to brand new platform, and therefore will appear before the four new names.
As a follower of the high-end phones Lumia, I hope that among them while developing a successor to the 1020 Lumia. Evleaks has also had the opportunity to talk about tablets, informing us about the development of at least four models who died on the road:

Nokia only released a single tablet, the Lumia 2520 (Sirius)… but it killed off at least 4 more: Illusionist, Mercury, Pine, and Vega/Atlas

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) June 20, 2015
Possibly Windows RT wasn’t the best platform to enter the world of the tablets, and only came to light the Lumia 2520 (Sirius). Along the way were Illusionist, Mercury, Pine, and Vega/Atlas.