Guide to the World of Men's Underwear

Briefs or boxers? What do you prefer?
There was a time when we – men – did not have much choice. Briefs or shorts and even those were not too flattering colors or style. Fortunately, times have changed and the current supply of men’s underwear is not really rich in colors and cuts, but also on various details of implementation or unconventional elements for a man with a sense of extravagance.
Read on and see us in a simplified guide the world of contemporary men’s underwear. Today, nonprofitdictionary will focus on the topic of this basic type of laundry.
Many men own one or several briefs and for good reason. Briefs cover the entire front and rear part of the thigh but loose enough to leave what is comfortable to wear under any clothing. Moreover, they are the ideal choice for men who prefer in front of enough support. If you choose underpants with a raised front pouch or push up effect, highlighting our manhood will be even more intense. Manufacturers offer is really wide. It depends only on you, if you prefer briefs with a distinctive design elastic around the waist, low waist briefs or highly elastic material without passport gums that are perfect for men with not too positive attitude to exercise abdominal muscles.
Boxer shorts
For us one of the most popular styles of men’s underwear. With some exaggeration, we can say that they offer the best of classic briefs and shorts and a longer leg, combined with sufficient support in the front. Today’s offer moves boxers even further. The exception is front closing, push up effect or a combination of boxers with hýžďovými belts, which are a typical feature of Jocks. Terminology is often misleading. In our stores under the name boxers we can also find classic cotton pants with narrow-leg without support in the front.
Boxers or briefs? Unsuitable or some completely perfect? Then try boxers type cheek. It is an ideal compromise where boxers have a very short-leg combined with a pouch in the front for adequate support. Another characteristic of this type of service is reduced waist with a designer or just an eraser with fine trim. Cheeks and represent an ideal choice for men who do not like too much of the substance under trousers, and they want to look attractive at all times. Cheeks trend is the push-up effect and bold color combinations.
You belong to the category of active men? You do not like unnecessary restriction of their movement? If comfort is considered one of the main criteria when choosing a service, we recommend bikini briefs type. Front and rear part is covered, but the side portion is considerably incised, which allows sufficient comfort during movement. In combination with ultra lightweight and breathable material and low-waist pose a real leader in comfort. The ideal choice not only for sports but also in the hot summer days.
Tanga (String, G-string)
Yes it’s right. Thongs are not just in the world of women, but also in supply current producers of men’s underwear. Additionally, if you want to buy men’s thong, it is not necessary to visit a sex shop. Already have a firm position on almost all brands of men’s underwear. Why are they so popular but a thong? The answer is undoubtedly minimalist cut, the absence of unnecessary materials and an attractive appearance. Tanga often Specialist men’s underwear and plavkyvolíme under tight pants, or if you plan to spend the day sport. Let yourself be inspired by Tom Cruise and try for yourself men’s thong! The offer is now really rich. From the rear portion in the form of a drawstring through diverse colors to tango with a raised front-pouch in the form of push ups.
Jocks (jockstraps, Jocks)
Jocks and jockstraps (in translation groin) is men’s underwear designed originally for sports and other physically demanding activities. Today they are used for everyday wear, and my biggest “fan base” are still in North America. And reason? Simply limiting. Jocks are composed of rubber elastic waist, front pouch and two elastic straps around the buttocks. Minimum material, excellent breathability and perfect comfort throughout the day. Jocks and looks more and more men as an alternative to the classical models of underwear.
Long John
The current trends that are emerging in the market men’s fashion, can clearly be classified Long John or long pants. But it’s not on any boring underpants our grandfathers! On one side functionality in the form of long legs and high-quality materials, on the other hand, interesting colors, funny or original printing elements in the form of a passport rubber, switching or push-up effect. These are Long John 21st century. No boredom, but an original piece of underwear for cold days or as a comfortable home wear.
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