Guide to Buying Men's Shoes

You’ve probably noticed that when assessing the conduct of someone, it’s always up and down (and this is especially the case for women). So, in your opinion, what impression would-a man with a perfectly cut suit, but with a rough and worn pair of shoes?

Impression of neglect and unfinished. Well Yes, quality shoes show that you do not have only a superficial concern of your appearance but that you have a real taste for beautiful things, no matter that they are directly visible or not.
To get there, getzipcodes reminds you to avoid three errors that most men do when talking about shoes:
-A too low investment: can’t find anything less than 150 euros (at the shoemakers to entry-level type Loding). Underneath, the leather will be of poor quality and you’ll destroy you back because of inadequate soles. A pair must also be robust enough to last at least several years, and have enough character to add real value to your outfit.
-A lack of coherence: you won’t buy the Richelieu to 500 euros if you are in high school to go with jeans and a hoodie. Your shoes should be consistent with your wardrobe: that is a notch below or a cut above.
We see much too much on some forums of amateur of Nice shoes really mundane outfits worn with expensive shoes.
– A bad interview: leather, it’s exactly like a plant: it talks, and it needs to breathe. You must maintain them for a maximum lifetime. And also let them rest: avoid to wear two days in a row.
Do not trust to appearances
A shiny store men’s shoes priced below competition isn’t necessarily a bargain: you must learn to differentiate a temporary aesthetic, arranged for the sale of a real sustainable quality.
This is the case for small resellers of shoes in the vicinity of 100 euros, as at department stores that offer of mainstream brands (Kenzo, Boss) for which you will pay 350 euros in shoes that would only be 100, just because marketing costs behind.
Here is to help the infallible quality criteria, which will help you to see the true quality, well beyond glitter.
Shape and design:
Appointment with a good Shoemaker as the chain Loding and take the time to compare the products that you can find in the usual trade: you will see that the forms are much more harmonious and that there is always a touch of this originality to attract your attention.
The richness of the colors of a patina is an excellent indication of quality. One of the masters in this field is the Berluti shoe. It’s a quality that you won’t manage to find in of the lower-quality that is reinforced to the simple black and Brown. The explanation is simple: a nice patina is possible on quality leather.
The sole:
It’s a point easy to discern: the gluing of the sole in the shoe is rude on entry-level models. A cheap model is still more acute if the sole is rubber.
On a pair of good quality, the sole (necessarily leather) is either sewn, or glued, but much more discreet and more fine, with sometimes a seam on the front of the shoe to strengthen the Assembly.
The quality of leather:
A bad leather is often concealed on templates a bit cheap with a layer of plastic, making it soft and shiny. His touch will be too smooth to be natural.
The distinction is particularly on sustainability. While a good leather will have folds of wear thin and discreet, bad leather will quickly produce in huge folds, completely puffy and who will give the impression that you’re already wearing your shoes for years.
Obviously, it’s something that looks, you can’t see at the first glance in-store. And yet, clues exist.
You can first (discreetly of course) fold the shoe, to see if the leather makes huge folds (in which case, run). Then slightly knead the folds to see if they fade easily: If this is not the case, here again, the model is to be avoided.