Greedy Giants or Floppende Scientists?

Why your mobile battery just isn’t good enough.
Some mobile phone owners have tried it. After a full charge overnight-for both the phone and the owner-skips we gaily out of bed, as a white-tailed eagle on happiness pills, but when not much more than just out the front door, before it discovers that 20% of the flow on the cell phone has already been used.
It kind of drains, no matter how close a relationship you have to your handheld electronic companion. Even hardcore old school users who live by the mantra: “my mobile is only for calls” feel the energy level valleys, when the prospect of being run out of power before you when work is a reality.
The question you have put themselves in the situation is, whether it’s just because one’s battery purely developmental only has a life span, which can expand the mayflies to consider pension schemes, or whether it is caused by a greedy attitude of cell producers, flowing in that no phone should live more than two years, as new models, of course, do not sell themselves …
The truth lies somewhere in the middle.
Although many would blame solely and exclusively over at producers, so must the truth enough is both of those, but also with us consumers. Both Apple and Samsung have been out and realize that their latest products have had individual challenges with the batteries. And even if you have tried to explain away by saying that it only concerns a few phones and each area, so has the consumer’s internal watchdog poked anyway.
The fact of the matter is that every time you as iPhone has updated its OS system, then in addition to the traumatic experience, having to deal with new colors, also noted that one’s battery suddenly began to abandon its otherwise so potent durability.
The explanation is quite simple. New systems can more things and requires more power …
The idea that lies in the consumer’s mind is also quite simple: they’ve designed it, so I’m forced to buy a new phone-a new battery would not even be able to do it.
Here we will then let the conspiracy theorists and the enterprise lawyers continue the conversation, and even deal with what actually is and flows of reasonably credible facts in cyberspace.
Sparetrick nr. 1: turn off the phone
Anyone know of one or more advice about how to save battery power. Turn down the brightness, set your phone to faster timeout and turn off GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth off. But where efficient and well-meaning advice than they are, so that reduces the mobile experience. You have not bought a phone to keep it turned off, when the now contains so many options?
And the very many opportunities sends a share of the responsibility back to the consumers. For we wanted a mobile with only voice and smsmulighed, then it would still be the world’s largest mobile manufacturer Nokia, and we needed to charge the phone only once a year, while we danced around the Christmas tree.
Instead, we want apps that allows you to see where we go through the phone’s camera, while we’re chatting, watching a movie and stream music. We use the phone as a headlight on our bike, while we are via GPS on the screen
Navigate in the inner city, to find the bar we’ve just read a positive review.
We use power, as we were American cars with V8 engines, and oil was pumped up in our own backyard-or at least in a friendly Arab country which we checked.
2,000 recharges and it is over.
our behavior and demands as consumers, have-can it is alleged-got the producers to hire 50 developers of content for each Member of staff, who look at the power supply. We expect nothing less than a laptop pc,
flat screen tv and entertainment center rolled into something we can have in your pocket. A maybe a little arrogant attitude, if we subsequently complain about lack of power?
The fact of the matter is that the batteries we have today, everything depending on the user’s care and maintenance, can only cope with between 500 and 2,000 recharges, so it’s over. But our requirements for Mobile runs far faster than the development of batteries.
However, there is hope on the way. PrinterHall is currently working with several exciting printers, which could provide up to 10 times more capacity. One of the areas we’re looking at, is silicone based “balloons”, which can collect and retain the ions to be used. The challenge here, has so far been that expands and collapses the silicone strip so much that it ends up destroying itself. Right now however, people are working to solve the problem by means of microscopic carbon tubes.
There is, however, also look in other directions. Here include sea water, air station prepared batteries (which would perhaps be the breakthrough for the electric car), carbon and graphite, which would be able to charge the batteries and even 1,000 faster than current photovoltaic technology is on the pitch. So there is plenty of research in sight.
Until then, it will be one of the possibilities may be the Wireless charging, as we have already seen in Madison Square Garden in New York, where you can get power for mobile, just to find themselves in the arena. Before long follow Starbucks and McDonalds in Europe is in the process of testing the system.
We get more for your money
If you need to make it up in a “value-for-money scheme, so neither has been significantly shortened lifespan is granted or renewed for the different models. Standby time has been a little shorter, while the time for the use of the internet on the new iPhone 5 URf.eks. has increased from 6 to 8 hours.
On the other hand, we’ve got higher resolution on our display, cameras which has increased from 2 to 8 megapixel and the ability to run even more of the energy-guzzling background programs and apps at the same time.
Net flows over with energy-saving apps for your mobile phone, which shows that people’s awareness about the topic is on the rise. None of them works better, than if you set your phone to save power, but makes it a lot easier for you to understand what you need to turn down or turn off completely from.
It may give you the opportunity, to come home from work before your mobile runs out …