Great Outfit for a Wedding

Unsure of what to wear when you go to a wedding?
Together with Outfitterys style consultants, we have developed 2 altogether splendid outfits for weddings. One that fits the events with a Blazer, dress code and when it says “dress code: Costume” on the menu.
Both outfits have a modern touch but a classical base. So they should suit all types of people and all kinds of events with the above dress codes.

Outfit 1–dress code Blazer
Navy Blue chinos and white shirt, all outfits that have it as a base are guaranteed success. Then the tops with Brown details slightly gray (both jacket and tie in this case) then it’s straight into the hall of fame.
This outfit gives you a well dressed and conscious look, perfect when it says “dress code: Jacket” on the invitation card.
Outfit 2-dress code Suit
The second outfit to the wedding we take is one which is composed to fit dress code suit, but while being modern and fashion conscious.
A subdued XXL Tuxedo with a fly in a natural stone-grey and a scarf that tops of it all for a slightly more relaxed feel. Of course black enhanced with silver buckle, and the ever-bankable white shirt.
More outfits like these?
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