Google (Sort of) Gives New Life to Wave

Finally some good news for fans of Google Wave, revolutionary service – and perhaps, misunderstood – collaborative communications had his death scheduled for the end of the year about a month for its parent company. Yesterday the official blog of Wave announced that all the source code of the service will be available for developers to run it as an application from their own servers or enjoy some of their resources in their own services, a project called Wave in a Box.
“We are increasing by about 200 000 lines code that already we offered,” says the post presenting the news, which also says that the Wave in a Box will offer “a package of applications that includes the creation of a server and a client web “for service, support for collaborative conversations, the future development of an app store and support gadgets and APIs, among other features.
In addition to providing greater opportunities for developers, with the Wave boxed Google also plans to service users who felt orphaned with the end of the service line.”From the beginning the Wave was our vision of a new generation of communication and collaboration tools. The response from the developer community was amazing and rewarding. (…) When the Wave in a Box is a functional application, your future will be defined by their contributions, “says Google.