Google Modifies The License of The Android SDK to Prevent Fragmentation

Google has added a new clause in the terms and conditions in the Android development kit to prevent fragmentation. These terms of use had been unchanged for more than three years, specifically since 10 April 2009.
The new clause to protect Android’s fragmentation. Developers who wish to launch applications for Android now have to compromise not cause fragmentation with their applications or to create or use any derived from the official SDK.
3.4. you agree to not take any action that may cause or cause the fragmentation of Android, including, but not limited to, distribution, participation in the creation or promotion of any way derived from the SDK software development kit.
To develop applications it will have to be limited to using the official Google Android SDK to avoid incompatibilities, and the standard will go both for developers and manufacturers. Although it is not very clear how it will apply this clause or as for example affect the exclusive games for certain processors, those as Aliyun Android-based operating systems or versions very personalidas of Android that require their own APIs as the Fire Amazon Kidle.