Google Maps Upgrade: Nicer and Sharper

New satellite data does Google Maps much clearer and detailed. View before and after here.
700 million megapixels-it is the resolution of Google’s latest version of Maps, which at the time of writing are massively on the company’s servers. At the same time, the clouds and mist are now gone, so the prospect will be both clearer and richer in color.
Google Maps and its more than one billion users can now get a better-looking and more detailed overview, thanks to a new set of satellite data from space agency Nasa last Landed 8 satellite-successor to Landsat 7.
The new dataset corrects for errors in his predecessor at the same kamermodul, who supplied rumfotos plagued by unsightly artifacts.
Landsat 8 updates at the same time, the previous map from 2013 with data from this year. Thus you can view the planet’s development seen from space in the time period.

So great is the difference

Zoom in on strategic locations such as cities or deserted areas, the differences on the new Maps photos most clearly forward.
Of the cities there are corrected for smog and fog, making the roads, buildings and parks are replacing much clearer.
Over the globe’s areas of unspoiled nature is the contrast between the various types of vegetation increased, which gives again gives livelier performance.