Google Launches Android Training to Help The Developers of Android

Many of our readers probably want to develop an application for Android, but possibly found that focus should go to a course or buy any book that can be OK but who can fault ren much support from Google coming as well when developing for a company. However, Google has decided to give more support to developers who wish to make their first steps on the Android platform.
This is why Google has launched Android Training, that it will consist of a virtual classes with an agenda based on the diversity of Android. Among them you will find classes as of how developing for different resolutions, improve the interface of applications, manage the sound and forms of monetization. It also includes technical details with code samples to inspire the desaroladores who want inspiration.
So, with all this, only lack having a solid base of Java to be able to set and a little inspiration to do an application as we will answer some basic questions as some drivers and with this you can now start to make your first steps into the world of Android.