Google Kills Blogger and Picasa Names

After launching the Google+ and promote a change of style in many of its products, Google is preparing for the coming weeks rename known and popular Blogger and Picasa to Google Blogs and Google Photos respectively.

The change is part of the web giant’s efforts to the public launch of its newly launched social network – which should happen at the end of July – integrating several of its products within a “package”.
According to Mashable, several other services of the company should go through the same change, but YouTube will remain the same – because the Google Videos officially ended its activities in the month of May.
Until today Google maintained a policy of not changing especially famous service names that have become part of their service offering, but other less famous sites like Writely, JoSpot and Grand Central, for example, have been renamed to Google Docs , Google Sites and Google Voice after duly purchased and incorporated.
Founded in August 1999 by the company Pyra Labs – which had among its founders Evan Williams, who was later to even more fame and fortune to open the Twitter – the Blogger was purchased by Google in February 2003. But the Picasa started its activities under the company’s protection IdeaLab in 2002, and two years later it was acquired by Google.