Google Instant Does Not Work in Opera

In September last year, Google aired a new technology that directly affects your homepage. With Google Instant, the user places the text cursor on the search box. To start typing, Google immediately starts charging results to what has been written.

All very nice, all very practical. It should work on any modern browser. However, unwary users Opera do not have access to Google Instant, months after the feature is implemented.
Why, eh Google?
According to CNET News, the official company response to this situation is that Opera does not provide sufficient resources to enable Google Instant it. “We found some technical barriers that temporarily prevent us from providing Instant for Opera,” the company said.
Google Instant works perfectly in Google Chrome, Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9. To test it, Brazilian Internet users must open the Google homepage and click on “ in Inglês”, since this technology currently only works for American users.
When you open the same page in Opera 11, what we have is what the image below confirms. No Instant, no start typing and automatically the service seeks to provide some results.
The oddest thing is that a simple change in the Opera settings causes the browser to open the Instant normalmente. Para much, just make the browser to pretend to be another application, one that supports Instant normally. Just go to Menu> Settings> Quick Preferences> Edit Site Preferences. After that, go to the tab Connections and mark the site to identify the browser as Firefox.
Ready, Google Instant is running! Does Google has assured that “technical barrier” prevents the Opera to take advantage of this feature, which is not so new?
I got in touch with Opera Software, directly in Norway to see what the company thinks about it. “We believe that support more than necessary for the Instant works in Opera. We are happy to provide assistance to them [the Google team] quickly if that is what they need, “said Jan Standal, vice president of desktop products, Opera Software, the our site.
Meanwhile, Opera users continue without something as banal. Fair Opera, which traditionally implements cutting-edge features before everyone else.