Google Glasses Now Come with Titanium in 4 Variants

Search giant Google launches 4 stylish eyeglass frames in titanium for their “Google Glasses”, which have not yet been publicly released.
If you follow slightly with the development on the so-called “wearables”, there are gadgets we can wear on the body, and usually works in conjunction with the mobile phone, so you’ve probably also heard of “Google Glass”.
The glasses are the search giant remains undisturbed bids on the smart glasses, and above you can see what they are capable of. Until now, there has been a lot of skepticism around the glasses being tested on life and loose by the so-called “Google Explorers”.
Now, Google has, prior to the public launch of “Google Glass”, launched eyeglass frames in titanium, and implemented which comes in four great flavors. It writes our site. 
They indicate that the query has been enormous, and that they are now finally ready to cater to those customers who already wear glasses with strength. The Titanium Collection offers lightweight frame in four variants: Curve, Thin, Split and Ball, and at the time of writing only for the current “Google Explorers” at a cost of $ 225. It is similar to small 1700 us. They will also be able to buy 2 new attachable shadows to the frames.
The new chassis is designed in such a way that Google can then be mounted with Glass screws. In this way, the futuristic glasses probably appeals to a larger audience.
Google also informs about a cooperation with VSP vision insurance, which is the largest in the United States, so that qualified customers can recoup their new Google-titanium and lenses.