Google Gives Until December 31 to Download App Inventor Applications

In an effort to control resources and focus on its more successful products, Google has decided to close one of the projects in which bet a couple of years ago to boost Android. And it is that App Inventor will closed soon its implementation in the coming months. The news is not new, we already warned in August that the service would be closed its accessibility in a few months, and that date is next.
Is for this reason that Google has warned everyone who ever made use of this service so they proceed to download applications that have been developed, giving as the deadline for the day of December 31, 2011, after which the service will proceed to close completely for all users.
However, not everything is bad news, since we must remember that the service will be released their code, making it available for all those who want to run the service on your own computer or on your own server and make it available to the public, always leaving that anyone who wants to make an easy way to implementing not impossible him