Google Does Step Verification Much Easier to Use

Do you think step verification is too difficult? With Google’s new solution in which you must confirm a login with one click on the cell phone, it will not be easier.
If you want to keep intruders from that lurk in your stuff and in the worst cases, steal sensitive personal information, is a really good step verification solution that makes it virtually impossible for anyone other than only you to log in to your various accounts.
The extra security is done, however, at the expense of convenience, that is by simply typing the email/username and password, after which you’re logged into. As its name indicates, you must step verification through an additional step to verify that you are the right person who logs in.
This can be done in several ways, but typically happens through a smartphone or regular phone, where a numerical code automatically sent to SMS or received in an app created for the purpose. However, it can quickly become a nuisance, if you don’t specify your personal computer as trusted, so you won’t have to do it every single time.
Now, Google has, however, found on a smarter method which continues to keep safety top notch with step verification, while it is not an equally difficult affair to do it.

One click-and you’re logged in

The solution is called Google-prompt and is heavily inspired by Twitter’s way to solve the problem. The concept is quite simple. With your Google account, you log in to the ‘Login and security’ and find ‘ step verification ‘ in section ‘ Login on Google ‘. On this page you will find the section ‘ set up another extra steps ‘, where you can enable Google-prompt.
If you are already logged in with your Google account on your Android phone, you should be able to see your phone on the website. Here it is just to select it, and then a message pops up on your phone’s screen. On the just press ‘ Yes ‘ to that you are trying to log in to your computer, and then you’re up and running.
It’s exactly the same message, you will receive in the future, when you sign in to your Google account. Now no longer something to find a numerical code and enter it on your computer. Instead, you only confirm that you are trying to log in.

Works for both Android and iOS

The new solution can both be done on Android phones and iPhones with iOS. The only requirement for Android users is that the latest version of Google Play services used – something which is updated completely automatically in the background.
As iOS, however, you must download the app using Google app in the App Store and log in with your Google account. Then it is also possible to receive the same popup message like on Android.