Google Chrome Is Vulnerable to Espionage

Voice recognition in the search giant remains undisturbed browser allows the allegedly malicious websites, in hearing with on line.
If you are well versed in the Google universe, you are probably also on first name with “Google Now”, there is the search giant remains undisturbed personal assistant. Google Now has a voice recognition feature, as we know it from Siri on Apple devices. Unlike Siri then works “Google Now” actually also in Chrome browser for your computer, if you have set its language to English.
Now it is reported, however, that function is vulnerable to attack by malicious websites that through your computer’s built-in microphone, want to follow along in your life. It writes our site.

As it is clear in the video above, then the browser so able to record from the microphone, even if the browser window which is approved for speech recognition is closed, and that, moreover, no indication is on that function is in progress.
Debugging are appreciated but not corrected
It is the Israeli researcher Tal Ater, who is behind the video. He has reportedly informed Google of the problem back in September. Here the search giant turned back the day after with the message that a fix was ready, and that his could bring him $ 30,000 troubleshooting from Google’s fault-finding pot.
A spokeswoman from Google have since emailed Ars with the following statement: “the safety of our users is a top priority, and this feature was designed with security and privacy in mind. We have investigated the matter again, and still believe, that there is no immediate threat, since a user must enable speech recognition for every Web site that requests it. The function is consistent with the current W3C standard, and we continue to work on improvements. ”
Should you nevertheless regret, to have given a website to use the microphone in Chrome, you can disable it by going into: Options, show advanced options, Settings for content … (Privacy), Manage exceptions (Media).
So far there is no sign from Google, to change the behavior of the voice recognition is successful, then maybe you should consider again whether to approve access to your microphone.