Google Already Allows The Integration of Apps with Google Services

It was not one of the novelties that most discussed in the last Google I/O, the rest of news took a clean sweep the attention of attendees, but for developers was a quality that were waiting as may water. It was the possibility of integrate applications in various Google services, giving it advantages of security and interaction with Google Plus.
When such announcement was made, Google put developers an SDK available allowing these connections, but with a very clear clause, and is that the publication of these applications were not allowed that use it on Google Play or any other site. The main reason is that it was still in testing, up to today.
Finally Google already allows this type of connections with the release of version 1.0 of this SDK, enabling logging for Oauth 2.0, connection with Google Plus and the button + 1 Google. This can be used if the device is as little Android 2.2 Froyo, which leaves us a vast majority that it will enjoy.
Google has promised that this SDK will enhance with new features, although we see the time that has passed, it is not one of the products as being updated. Still, many developers can leverage and improve their applications by connecting them to Google services, which users will appreciate strongly.