Good Thing Wants To Have Time

There was another fire under the stove in the rumored kitchen! Ever since my first attempts at blogging, I had noticed that when Mr. Jobs makes a burp, the Internet is shaking. With any statement from the Apple boss, especially when it comes to the subject of netbooks , triples the number of messages, which ends up in my e-mail account. In the last few days there was a new food in this respect, because the always well-informed Digitimes reported on a planned collaboration between Apple and the touch screen manufacturer Wintek. Not only did the Commercial Times confirm the rumor with its own report Day later also the economic news service Dow Jones after.
As announced at the end of last year under the hand, the largest notebook manufacturer of the world Quanta is said to own the new apples. In addition, Dow Jones from several sources said that the touch-screen should be between 9.7 and 10 inches.
And where the gossiping kitchen boils so beautifully, the next info can not be far: as the blog Smarthouse reports, Apple works in cooperation with Sony on flexible OLED displays for this system, with which the touchscreen and the keyboard should be realized. In this way, Apple is likely to continue to score environmental credentials, although this is likely to increase the cost. This does not matter, because as further reported, Apple plans eh for the higher price segment, which is why they have probably also decided for the new SDX technology for memory cards. The statement from Jobs last year, you do not know how to produce good computers for under $ 500, fits well also in this philosophy. Check answermba for what is GSM.
So imagine a system that has the touchscreen functionality of an iPhone, say 10 inches about a resolution of 1366×768, completely without or with touchscreen keyboard exists and nevertheless the work performance of a MacBook creates and besides still HD TV Can be received. According to Smarthouse it is a system “designed to ideally work in a wireless environment”, which is probably due to built-in UMTS capability and a WLAN module. I think you can not only be excited about the exterior, but also the promised new touch features let you hope for another, completely new computing experience through Apple. The imagination, for which flexible, touch-sensitive displays can be used, are no limits.
And to all those who just clicked the article to know when the Apple non-netbook is coming now, also to be satisfied: supposedly it is to the coming Christmas business, of course, for significantly more than $ 500 in the shops stand! Who believes it…