Gold Bismarck Chain Wholesale

Gold jewelry in female casket always yearbooks. There is nothing surprising in this, because gold – a beautiful and precious metal used in the manufacture of sophisticated, elegant or massive rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, chains. Of course, the quality of the material and its cost are paramount when buying jewelry, but also the appearance of women do not last. Unusual weaving chains of gold is able to interest and captured the hearts of women, and then the value of the product fades into the background. What types of gold chains covering most attractive to girls?

Luxury Gold

One of the main features of the jewels of this precious metal, which people have praised many centuries ago, is that even a massive chain of refined feminine door may seem very harmonious and beautiful, if other parts of the image chosen correctly. By consensus, or is heavy, prominent string object taste or bad taste of its owner, stylists not yet come. Assuming most advanced in the CIS, weaving strands of gold – of “Bismarck”, which connects large, massive, our compatriots prefer to show off their social status, income level. “Bismarck” can be single, double or even more – triple. Titles subspecies weaving “Bismarck” used in the creation of chains of gold, so much that even the most experienced jewelers are not familiar with them. Pictured below are samples woven “single Bismarck”, “Moscow Bismarck” and “glamorous Bismarck.”
Equally beautiful linking chains of gold “ranks” (from the English love) got its name from the shape of parts. Whimsically intertwined relationships that can be single, double, resemble tiny heart, which may be extended or flat. These gems will be a great decoration for the necks of women. Tear off a chain of “lava” opinion is simply impossible!
If you are willing to pay a substantial amount decoration chains made braided “Rose” should drop you like. Each link of the product resembles fine flower, which consists of several rings of circular or oval, which are connected by a small center link. Even with a minimum thickness of the parts of the product have a significant weight and, therefore, expensive. Abnormally seems female body chain, and WHOLESALEABLY has different colors (using different colors of gold).

Elegant Jewelry

Not all girls like massive gold chains. If you prefer thin delicate chains that are also cost less attention is given to products woven “beltser”, “Cartier”, “ear”. Miniature connection that can be smooth or thick, incredibly harmonious look with any outfit. They can be called universal, and nothing obliges. Of course, they are not as strong as the heavy chains, but with proper treatment and clean sock serve you for decades.
As each day jewelry can be used with gold chains, which are made with braided anchor. These decorations can not be called original, because anchored weaving – one of the easiest. Lanka may differ in shape (flat or three-dimensional, round or oblong), but generally their relationship remains the same – each successive element is perpendicular to the previous year.