Glowball, as Well Is The First Game Optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 3

When the first information about the Nvidia, Tegra 3, quad-core processor also appeared two demos techniques that showed us the potential of the new chip. On the one hand Zen Pinball HTD and on the other Glowball. In principle this type of shows do not give the jump since its nature tends to be to remove muscle.
However it seems that Nvidia will launch the month that of Glowball demo comes to all holders of a Prime Transformer they can enjoy the benefits of this processor, They are not few: dynamic lights, interaction between the objects of the scenario, particles, reflections…
Currently there are no date of release but according to Tegra Zone the demo will be the coming month. It is safest to do so, obviously, when the Prime Transformer reach the market. The demo will come with two levels: one set in a Carnival, as you can see in the picture who heads the post, and another in a seabed.
As not everyone will enjoy this demo we leave you with this video so that you can see what is capable Nvidia Tegra 3. I personally believe that the jump is notable than what we have already seen in the Tegra 2. We’ll see what they can developers with similar power but apparently seen we can expect a really spectacular titles.