Glass Bottle for Water Cooler

All models in the collection Flaska Neo Design symbolize different elements of nature. Selected motives are clear, simple and understandable as the bottle itself Flaska. Logo Flaška is also discreetly noted. Neoprene cover protects the bottle from breakage and water temperature changes.

Advantages: made of glass programmed glass 4 mm neoprene case protects Flaska of breaking and water temperature variations attractive designs can be customized healthy & protect the environment produced in Slovenia, EU.
The glass bottle is the best way to store water – you could smell only water and nothing else. All this is due to the fact that glass is inert and does not react with the contents. When it comes to price and weight various plastics at first glance seem to have an advantage over glass. But when you include our health and the environment into the equation, the result became clear. With glass water bottle. You will not worry about the presence of BPA or antimony or other substances with strange names and a bad reputation. water bottle is made ​​of glass. The Flaska bottle, true bottle, made ​​from glass glass bottle Flaska is produced in glass factory in northern Italy. High quality Italian design in combination with the requirements for strength. This is key to the long period of use of the bottle Flaska. The additional neoprene helps protect the bottle to overcome daily emerging situations caused by clumsiness. All this makes Flaska in your daily companion.