Glam Rock Fashion Style

We loooooove Glamour and we loooooove rock. So why not combine the two with the trendy glam rock look? Hot details like studs or leather can be integrated into everyday outfits or the Weekend Style without it looks like too much. The nice thing is: almost nothing is forbidden. It Girls like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are leading with casual combinations and also the great designers present us on the catwalks their funky combinations.

The Outfit:

Our pretty Tahnee combined in this outfit everything that belongs to the visitors’ rock glam look to and mixes leather with details, such as rivets, fringes and the distressed. A pair of jeans with abrasions, cracks and holes is the perfect basis for this rock look. Tahnee wears hip “COOL GUY” JEANS FROM DSQUARED2.
If you’re thinking: Down Around striking = top around inconspicuously, who thought wrong. It is precisely for this look, it might safely be total conspicuous. Of course, if it is not to overdo it, because you do not want to look like an overloaded Christmas indeed.
The permeable FRANS SHIRT FROM STELLA MCCARTNEY makes under the rocking BIKER JACKET FROM DSQUARED2 just super. For people who like something simple like now, can also more easily shirts without striking details, such as by PATRIZIA PEPE recourse.
Suitable for the ultra-cool biker jacket, a pair of strong leather boots, as here by Valentino or by DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER. Those who prefer a sporty, may also include a stylish sneakers, such as by Gradchem contribute.

The Details:

To complete the outfit, to rocking Accessories offer with cool details. The One may perhaps more, the other less-be brave and tough enough. Tahnee wearing your outfit a mega hot bag from Stella McCartney. Here you can have a blast with rivets or other eye-catching extras again properly. Super here makes a cool BAG from Valentino Rockstud collection.
For the mega fashionistas among you has to be a finishing touch to a cool hat for an extra statement. A small selection of hats can be found HERE. Well, pleased at this flamboyant and mega-cool style?!