Glagla Shoes for Running

For all those who, despite the heat to the sport do not want to give up now I submit Glagla Shoes, shoes designed for the summer!
Produced in 50 countries and with a weight that does not exceed 200 grams, these are the coldest shoes that there are on the market. Squeeze the trendy eye lowering itself different patterns and colors, are odor and this is no small thing, especially when you go to the gym come invested by a terrible smell!

Unisex, comfortable and breathable as ventilated car, can be worn with or without socks. A real breath of air in fact, flows through the Glagla Shoes and temperature of your foot will be around 6° C lower than other athletic footwear. Born in France, in Nancy, it is becoming a must-have for sports but not only. You can wear them on long shopping walks, cycling or water. Also they are recommended for those who work in the hospital and who is going to face a journey!
Let’s see them up close.
Inside is the neo-tricot fabric, used for high-quality sports equipment, absorbs water and dries in a few minutes. The upper part of the shoe, exploits the Air Wind system that allows air to circulate. But the real revolution is in the inner sole, made ​​of perforated EVA and covered by a veil with technology Bamboo GL that minimizes bacteria and odors. Under this we have the membrane formed from a plastic-coated net metallic effect, called 2D Aeronet, this is glued between the inner and outer sole, ensuring a barrier against the penetration of any external objects. The outer sole is in Nano tech, an exclusive material produced by engineers Glagla. This technology is biodegradable, natural and breathable. The outer sole is super light, non-slip and machine washable.
You can find models for adults and children. Price from 50 to 60 Euros or so, depending on the model. For information:
Site: and FB Glagla Italy