Garden Design Ideas for Dogs

For many of us, the dog is part of the family. True friend of children, it gives a lot of love and demonstrated unfailing loyalty. Some of our comrades love to stay outside in summer and winter to keep watch or just enjoy the sunshine. Even if they are content with little, our gardens are not always suited to both meet their needs and ours! How many of us have seen their beautiful shrub planted just uprooted by their canine friend as they were back turned? The solutions have a beautiful garden to the delight of both the family and our doggies are however many! Here are some …

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The grassed areas
the favorite areas to allow our doggies to play and air are indeed large grassy lawns! The advantages are many:

  • Stretch your legs: The grass should be short to limit the access of insects on their hair.Tall grass, even if they are very consistent with the preservation of local fauna and flora, are not the most appropriate.
  • Lying cool: If there is one thing that dogs love, that is sun exposure! But beware of sunstroke and other hassles generated during hot weather!Despite appearances our friends are sensitive to sunlight and high temperatures!

The observation sites
Many dogs stand guard, that’s a fact. And they love it! Beyond the balance it brings to their well-being, guard reassures as much as their masters. To this end, the idea of the promontory is appreciated by our doggies! It is also the ideal place to take the time to observe the world around them and invent games of all kinds.
Concrete, paved or metalled surfaces, be sure to offer your pet a raised area and coated with a material that will not burn during the hot weather. So avoid the coatings such as slate or black slate, which attract the sun’s rays and burn their paws.Always think the rug for comfort!
An intermediate space between the inside and outside of your home
Whether it’s a game room or rest, it is highly significant to have a buffer space. It will be especially useful if your dog returns from a long walk the full legs mud. What’s more convenient to clean his legs before he gets home?
Making it a niche
Many dogs live outside, especially during sunny days. To make these long moments outside pleasant, build them a niche! Classic or modern, it can take many and varied forms. Why not use an old piece of furniture in which you will integrate a soft cushion for cozy naps? You also have the option “palettes” recovery , linked with boards fixed to the rear. Remember to check that pallets are not treated with toxic products for your pet and make sure they contain no scarves that slip between their pads!
The possible configurations are plentiful, and the price / quality ratio is unbeatable!

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Mineralized areas
It is well known that dogs like to lie full length on mineral coatings, such as to mark their territory. Give them a little space just by them, preferably located near a massive shrub or a tree, to bring them shade.

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For comfort, no water point!
Dogs are very susceptible to insect attack, particularly mosquitoes for those who have skin problems. Even if the hair prevents these harmful villains to access the skin over most of the body, the fact remains that the belly or ears are often prone to bites.
So instead of coating citronella your pet, keep it away from your pond or pool, or any other location including standing water (water cups enough) … He will thank you!
Relax, yes… but in the shade!
It is essential to think about the welfare of our furry friends as much as their health. Your garden needs to have this gray areas allowing them to rest. Whether in the shade of a massive or a tree, it is essential! Do not forget the water dish and do not leave your pet in the sun during the hottest hours!
The obstacle course
The dream for our dog is beautiful is good to stretch your legs and jumping power in the garden. So rather than letting it out on your beautiful plantings, consider the obstacle course! It is not essential to use professional equipment. Place by here and there elements emerging from the pottery types, rocks and even wooden boards that no longer serve you. The goal is to let your imagination do the rest…
Of course, remember to choose the location of your journey to avoid unpleasant surprises on your mass and deterioration of all kinds…
And if I do not have a garden?
For people with a terrace, remember to reserve space for your dog that reminds her massive vegetated gardens.
To do this, you have two options. Either you join the vegetated slab to allow him to lie above or pots you create a set of thirty centimeters in height or more for it to lie in the middle!
The latter n is not expensive and will provide a lot of comfort!