Furla Candy Bag Reviews

Furla there this summer chewy and colorful, a style that makes you want to dive into the sea, to spend days on the beach and going to parties Hawaiian unlikely to drink cocktails with little umbrellas! Furla amazes me more every day, the new collection is colorful and cheerful, one lively and casual style that I love, then this capsule collection all rubber and bright colors is absolutely irresistible. I, for one, I fell in love madly in the bag with the Passion , but also the one with the ‘orchid is absolutely wonderful.
Furla is a popular Italian brands that over the years you are also winning international honors, I must say that the more years pass and the seasons, the more I see the new collections and the more I see this label Collegesanduniversitiesinusa, dare, play on color and on forms, take a little ‘around with princess shoes, but plasticky version. the designers have clearly demonstrated that with the rubber you can do everything, from clothes, to bags to jewelry, hair clips, obviously the point critical are the shoes, but now they are more than cleared and Furla, such as Vivienne Westwood, offers us a beautiful collection of fashionable footwear.
Bags and rubber Furla shoes are beautiful, very frou frou and perfect for the summer. I I fell in love, and you?