From Anxiety to Depression There Is a Step. How to Avoid Falling to Reach.

Only who suffers or has suffered a anxiety problem know how much can this disorder conditional life of whom live with her. Since the medical point of view, defines the anxiety as the logical and necessary to face certain daily events. The problem arises when that response to alerts is constant and taking control of our lives.

What are the differences between anxiety and depression?

There are manifestations of anxiety very different: phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress… Anxiety can become a hell the life of those who have it, and that is precisely the reason why It is easy to get to the depression.

Anxiety and depression are two different processes, Although intimately related. Both can appear as various disorders, such as something mixed (ansioso-depresivo mixed disorder) or there can be a cause-effect relationship.

I have depression and not know it? Or be confused with anxiety?

«Depression are faults of the past, while anxiety are fears of the future». Ricardo Ros, psychologist.

The psychologist Ricardo Ros, author of the book Stop! to anxiety, anxiety and depression are considered completely different diseases. They can converge, but in your case, it does not consider to save relationship. He compares it to a patient who suffers flu and toothache. They can occur at the same time, but that one is the cause or consequence of the other.

Charlotte Lawrence, psychologist, considered that having depression and not know it is very difficult. Yes there may be are short depressive episodes (what is called “crash”) and that they have no apparent cause and we come to an understanding when we arise. Depression nor is it easy to confuse with anxiety disease, since they are studying with opposite symptoms. In depression, the body tends to relax too (in the bad sense, clear): there is no desire to eat, or go out or do anything. Anxiety, on the other hand, provokes us unconscionable activation, agitation… something very different that makes difficult to confuse the symptoms.

What are the common anxiety and depression symptoms?

The book of hygiene and prevention of anxiety, written in collaboration by different psychologists and psychiatrists, It sheds some light on this issue:

  • Anxiety is a feeling of threat. Depression, of loss. It is very common that both feelings occur at the same time.
  • Focus on one (same)autofocalizacion).
  • Difficulty concentrating, insomnia, Vertigo and even nausea.
  • Loss of social skills, capacity of Troubleshooting, desadaptativo thought and stress.
  • There are extrinsic symptoms, as the seclusion at home, that anxiety disorders is due to a agoraphobia for panic disorder, while depression in their cause is the sadness and the lack of motivation.

How to avoid that the anxiety will lead to depression?

In a patient when they appear simultaneous symptoms of anxiety and depression, It is key to establish what is the primary and which the secondary disorder. Logically, it must begin to treat the primary.

All specialists agree that the How to prevent anxiety becoming depression It is to treat the disorder. It is almost a no-brainer. Should even wait for that depression threatened to appear for trying to eliminate the anxiety of our day to day. Consultation with a specialist, psychologist or psychiatrist, It will be the first step that we can take to get rid of anxiety and gain in quality of life.

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