Friday Humor: Survey Evidence That the Cell Phone Influence Our "Gait"

You will not be able to convince her friend that she has trouble keeping up shoppingtempoet when she text messages, so can new study help to.
We know shown soon all tv commercials “run car when you drive a car” from the Council for Safe Traffic, trying hard, to teach us not to use your phone while driving Danes.
Most probably know too well that phones requires a lot of attention and can, therefore, as the aforementioned advertising displays, mean that we lose concentration for other more important things.
It is confirmed now by new study called “Texting and Walking: Strategies for Postural Control and Implications for Safety” (Time and text Writing: Position and balance-strategies and security in doing so). The study of created by team of researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia. It writes our site.
The investigation has taken as its starting point in 26 healthy and healthy people, when the Walker should look and texting on the cell phone. Not surprisingly, the study shows that the growing concentration at the writing of text messages results in a different time, also pronounced differently than if the test subjects only reads up.
Typical characters at a time is, among other things, that pace is reduced. In addition, it often deviates from the straight line they would otherwise have followed without the use of your phone.
Apps for both iOS and Android have previously given their take on a solution to the problem, but the result will we leave it up to each individual to judge.