French Style Fashion

Because there is not that Coachella in life, back on the very “french touch” style of the female spotted this weekend at We Love Green.

Coachella phenomenon requires, the frenchies have tended often to blithely copy the style of starlets invited to the music festival the more hype on the planet, if there is no power to pay the

ticket. Wreath, mini denim shorts , long printed Cardigan and ankle boots folk, all was good to play the Alessandra Ambrosio & co, even in the depths of the island of FranceA trend that, weather in Paris requires, less booming than she seems, on the contrary. The weekend spent at We Love Green has indeed confirmed the advent of a festival style very made in France.

Exhibit no. 1: rain boots. One would think that the muddy environment at the Glastonbury would push to put the version Kate MossHunter on budding fashionistas. Nay: all had pulled the same boots Eagles of our childhood in their primaries slightly regressive. Some intrepid had, instead found to be relevant to sacrifice their tennis Bensimon or Superga in canvas, certainly for the sake of risk.
Same stylistic reminiscence about the overcoat, the usual military jackets and jackets neo-grunge denim festivals having been dethroned by an army of waxed yellow highlights straight out of the Small boat factories. To believe that the iconic French brand sponsored the event…
Others, more inventive, relied on their old raincoat , windbreaker in the 1980s of mother, or the rain cover sold € 2 the corner smoking in a mood “second hand” very much in line with the DNA We Love Green.
Credit: Mylène Wascowiski
But this “french touch”, also found in their sense of dress priorities. Conversely Anglo-Saxon who don’t psychedelica cropped-topor mini skirt in the face of a few centimetres of mud or a background of chilly air, festivaliere of the 7-5 seems to focus primarily on the comfort and authenticity at the expense of the dictates of fashion, on a mode finally very Parisian effortless.
If some UFO had the audacity to the small summer dress reviewed by computerminus, the vast majority was carefully parked in simple jeans hoodies and effective, don’t missing not to decorate the whole a good scarf. A little inventive pragmatic style will tell the bad language, spontaneous and inimitable would say the Americans, who remains less open to a few touches of fantasy.
Though he be, seen and reviewed, the Bohemian style to the Coachella seems to have grown tired in favor of a look certainly less in stagrammable but perhaps more authentic. Remains to be seen if the coming summer festivals will confirm this back to stick.