Foot Cleavage Shoes

The care of the legs could be a real job. We all know: creams and creams, mud, so much water, no heels, healthy eating, a little salt… argh argh argh! It is not easy, is it? I know very well: for setting up my legs are strong and therefore have gazelle legs for me and it will be virtually impossible! However, over the years, I learned a few tricks, you know? The length of the skirt should be proportional to the length and shape of the legs, neither too long nor too short: eye brim! And then, nothing socks cropping the leg or Paris that squeeze the flab! Eye also to the shoes: bandits sandals with ankle strap and stiletto heels too when the leg is strong! And then … the tricky par excellence to stretch your legs for optical effect, you know? A pair of flesh-colored cleavage!

Have you ever tried in the winter to wear black stockings and a pair of black coprentissime decollete of the same color? You may have noticed that the effect is to stretch your legs a lot!Same principle applies in the summer and in the spring when the socks are now abandoned. To stretch the bare leg makeup is called cleavage nude color. Or beige or flesh tones. Optical effect is “camouflaged” with the leg and then fling the entire leg. Have you ever tried? And then, even with jeans are perfect … and perfect with any outfit as it does not add a color to all those who are shades of our look! I believe you?