Today I want to introduce to you another partner of the blog, the site Burumbuna!
You know those cute sites where there are a lot of cool and creative things?
I picked a few items that I love to show you!
Socks-shoes that have both spoken here on the blog and I love it! I think the best option for small babies nothing more annoying for them than using shoe? The site has various models for boys and girls, a fluffier than the other.
Body ballet dancer for the girls. It is very cute, a great comfortable option of fantasy and also really cute with a legging. The Manu and Bruna has equal and week who comes will show their pictures with these bodies.
These wipes are amazing and a super gift option, because cost R $16 and you can use in various ways. Check the Manu that cute! As faixinha is a grace, and for the boys as bib. Have several colors and models and also some “inspired” such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry.
Those clothes for the boys are bodies believe??? Is the maximum because the baby is comfortable and tidy dress!
And for the girls has this Chanel type jumpsuit! Manu has one and so she use I put a PIC on Instagram!!!!
In addition to these items, the site has a lot of different things and unusual and some more sophisticated gifts in silver.
I’ve interviewed Mariana (see here). In addition to the site, she has a super cool blog with many tips for moms! Worth a visit!
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