Five Great Smart phone Options with Removable Battery

For many smart phone users, the removable battery is a deciding factor when choosing a model. Unfortunately, the amount of handsets with this item is getting smaller. But we selected five good devices with this feature, for all tastes and pockets.

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  • Review of LG G4

In addition to all the good features, this model from LG brings the always welcome possibility of 3,000mAh battery replacement. In our review of the appliance, inclusive, the item did not perform the most satisfactory.
However, the smart phone supports Qualcomm’s fast charging technology, also known as Quick Charge 2.0. Such technology is capable of charging the battery from 0 to 60 in just 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Review of Galaxy Note 4

Note 4 has a 3.220mAh battery and also features LucidLogix technology , which works wonders. With the screen at maximum brightness and without turning on the power save mode, Note 4 had 9 hours of screen on my test.
The device also features Low Power Mode, radically reducing the device’s functions so that the battery gains significant life. Finally, the Galaxy Note 4 also features a quick-charge function. It gives 50% capacity in just half an hour of charging.

Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Review of Galaxy S5

Alongside the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy S5 is one of the last bastions of endurance in the removable battery, with the right to several models of spare batteries available in the market.
It also brings the LucidLogix technology and features the regular power-saving mode we’ve already seen on other Samsung devices. Not to mention the fantastic Ultra Economy Mode.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

  • Review Redmi Note 2

The battery of the Redmi Note 2 has 3060mAh and a surprise for an intermediate cost smart phone: it has support for fast charging(Quick Charge 2.0). Thus, this smart phone carries about 60% of the battery capacity in just 30 minutes.
Now, even with good capacity, fast charging and the possibility of removing the battery, the Redmi Note 2 leaves something to be desired in terms of battery life. The appliance can not handle 6 hours of heavy use. In fact, on average we only have 4 hours with the active screen and wi-fi activated.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

  • Review of Galaxy Alpha

Even the battery being the Achilles’ heel of the Galaxy Alpha-it has less than 2,000 mAh-its performance proved to be better than expected. During a work day, something around 8:30 am-she spent 70% of energy in active use.
What do you think? Is a removable battery still a relevant factor in buying a smart phone? Give your opinion!