Fitness Fashion Trends

You can be fashion even sweating at the gym. Fitness fashion takes to the streets and appears increasingly beautiful and modern.

Time was that the Academy was synonymous with old clothes and unkempt, almost forgotten in the bottom of the wardrobe. On the contrary: the workout clothing has appeared in the Windows each more beautiful and modern, but without ever losing the comfort.
Fashion trends ended up taking care of the academies of bodybuilding, so it’s worth merging the timeless classics with some fitness fashion hits. Want a sample? The glow looks great in the clothes of the Academy. Whether in tops, bodies or leggings, they create modern looks and cools if combined with t-shirts or shorts more discreet. I love it!!
Transparency is a crucial part of the fitness fashion. The secret is to highlight the area of the body that is beautiful to show, after all, any excess ends up hurting the production, either within or outside of the academies. I separated some looks beautiful for you inspiration and copy. After all, combine elegance and health is everything!
The health and wellness bloggers Karina Bacchi and Gabriela Pugliesi show that it is possible, Yes, sweating and lose calories with a lot of style. While Karina bet on colored models, Gabriela prefers working out of top and short shorts, because the look is comfortable and very fresh. Elegance and style in the measure.
When choosing your clothes, pay attention to comfort in relation to tissues and bet on technology, which guarantee a fast drying and leave your skin breathe. The tag Body For Sure brings in your collection not only unique prints, as technological fabrics that provide protection against UVA, UVB, EVA and resistance, reduction of cellulite, thermoregulation, comfort and practicality. Each fabric has a different function that can be incorporated into a different activity. As the leggend, which gives the ideal compression to high intensity sports, while the trilobal, which has an extra resistance to chlorine. Cool, huh?
At the time of purchase
Fashion fitness is still not much to your beach and you don’t know how to choose which parts to buy? Pay attention to these tips:
If you’re more skinny
-Escape the black. Very colorful pieces, colors prefer lighter and stamped.
-If your legs are too thin, longer cyclist-style shorts are a great option.
-Prefer trousers and blouses in colors that contrast with each other, avoid overalls.
-Bet on overlays.
-Turtle necks and sleeveless sweaters, give the impression of a larger bust, it is also the wider t-shirts.
To the most fat
-Prefer pieces with vertical stripes on the sides to elongate the silhouette.
-V-necks look great and add value to the lap.
-Run of the tops that show their bellies, the horizontal stripes and large prints. It does not favor this type of body.
-Opt for firm parts with reinforcement in the belly and breasts, but avoid tight rubber bands. Seeks the comfort.
-Jumpsuits of dark colors are a good thing.
-Overlays give much volume, the better to avoid them.
Let’s work out?