First Day of Work Shoes

We had fun, we partied, ate little (as always) and drank so much (as always even), danced up to not feel foot pain started after 20 minutes we were at the disco revenue. Yes, we were all in different places, but the customs, I’m sure, they were the same for all of us. Well, as I advised you what to wear to spend the last night of the year, I give you some suggestions on what to wear also the first working day of the year. The most tiring, one in which you would like to wear the short pajamas. Well, who has the ability to do it, he’s in bed and wear well as dressing gown and slippers, for those who for various reasons has to get dressed and go out, perhaps because they start working as from today (kind gift to my friend Paola).


Let’s see the casual footwear, we put the comfort in first place today. We think that both our face will be eloquent and everyone will know that we barely slept (and drunk so much). A fleece pants are too tight will be fine, abbiniamolo to a shirt or a sweatshirt, maybe we complete with a jacket so as to not be too easy. Do not think for a nanosecond to wear heels or uncomfortable things if you do not want your feet to rebel and escaping without you (would be a nice problem). I suggest, therefore, our dear friend sneaker that will not betray us. We spend the day at home or in the office for the first day of work after-parties … Be smiling and positive to give the best possible welcome to the new year!