First Aid for Kids

Often we moms, we find ourselves having to deal with emergency situations with children like drops, fever, stomach ache, vomiting, nosebleeds attacks frequent event in the early years of a child’s life.

That may affect our child. So you need to have at your fingertips a well stocked first aid kit just in case.
No need for many medicines, nor complicated equipment, but it is essential that the few useful things are kept together in the same place, to be available for when you need them.
First of all you need a trunk has Keyhole, to keep locked up and store in a place not to reach of the baby, is the perfect container for storing objects of small homemade first aid and medicine for the whole family.
Should not be missing.
–A box of sterile gauze used to repair minor wounds.
–A roll of bandage to secure the sterile dressing or to hold an ACE bandage.
–A WAD of cotton wool should be resting on the sterile gauze in cases of minor injuries.
–An ACE bandage: it is helpful in the event that it is necessary to immobilize a limb when you suspect a broken bone.
–A pair of scissors to cut gauze and plaster on a roll. A couple of useful tweezer square tip for extracting thorns or splinters.
–A digital thermometer device, better because of ease of use.
–A bag to hold the ice is very useful to prevent swelling.
-A can of ice spray ice is used as the normal but has the advantage that it can be used on the road.
–One stick to ammonia in case of insect bites.
–A paracetamol -based medicine necessary in case of high fever.
–A bottle of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect wounds and bruises, that’s cool “green amuchina or alcohol” that do not burn.
–A box of tea bags of rehydration solution very useful if vomiting or diarrhea.
–A bag of activated charcoal if your child accidentally ingests a toxic product.