Firefox for Skype Toolbar is Blocked by Mozilla

One of the few bars that I like, plus a good chocolate bar is the toolbar Google. It streamlines quite my lazy life with your custom searches and autofill, two things that a lazy good know how to take advantage. In the other side of the spectrum, the bar I most hate and hate with every cell of my body is that of Skype. She began as a harmless simpleton extension but has evolved into a huge POG basically attached with masking tape pieces. Who ensures this is Mozilla.
The creator Firefox announced yesterday that it will add in the next 48 hours Skype bar in the list of blocked extensions. The reason for this is that the extension be top of the list of causing crashes Firefox 3.6, causing more than 40,000 fought just last week, according to the Mozilla itself. The bar is automatically installed with Skype and serves to identify phone numbers that appear on web pages, automatically creating a button to connect via Skype to such numbers.
The blockade, however, is a soft block, according to the post on the official Mozilla blog .Once it’s installed, it will be deactivated and the Firefox user will receive a warning and can reactivate it if you want. But if you have love for your computer, do not.
The Skype application will not be affected.