Fine Men's Sport Coats

The sport is a style that always raises doubts in the minds of many men. Whenever enough invitation to party, we have the same doubts. What is sport? What to use? How to combine each piece? It’s a subject so sought after by men that we have to talk in a very reduced about How to dress fine sport at the beginning of the blog, but, now, we want to give you some tips to stand out and get away from basic shirt, pants, shoes and tie.

1-Run the jeans

Many believe that the jeans is a fine sport male parts. None of this! The fine is between the social sport and the sport. And if we are talking about very low, it is a simplification of the suit – not know difference between suit, blazer, jacket and Tux? See here -. So the best choice is for slacks, but an alternative is chino pants. The jeans just in case.

2 – try prints

As said before, the sport is a simplification of formal attire, so you have more freedom to innovate and take advantage of creativity. An interesting tip is to test printed shirts. Few men do that, but you can win a very interesting effect.

3-Replace the blazer by cardigan

On colder days, the blazer is a play almost mandatory in the fine sport but you can take a broken in this line and change your blazer for a cardigan. He let the younger and casual style. It is ideal for young people and men who like to have a relaxed in visual, like the image of the beginning of the text.

4-Use bright colors during the day

This is not a rule, but is a tip that will help you conquer a different look in the sport. The blazers and pants are great choices to clear events during the day. In addition, the choice for light clothes during warmer weather helps you to not pass heat. In winter, the choice for these tones is not very interesting even during the day, but will the good sense of each time to match.

5-Boots change visual

When we talk about sport thin, the first thing that comes to mind in shoes is a shoe or shoes, but you can invest in a quite different with a boot. They are fashionable in recent times and still earn a very different visual pro sports charm. In this case, you need to be very careful to match the rest of the visual. See our tips for using boots at thereligionfaqs!

6 – Without traditional ties

Many fine sport call for a Visual tie. They can give a very interesting in your visual incremented, but, in these cases, it’s good to get away from the traditional ties. The latest cuts, as the slimtie, are advised for these cases. But, it is worth remembering that the tie is not a compulsory piece.

7-bet on accessories

The accessories are increasingly bullish on men’s fashion. There are different ideas for you to invest in these little details, since something that isn’t so small, like a hat, until a detail so much simpler, as a bracelet. Bet on the visual can help a lot to get a highlight interesting in visual without risking a lot. But, before betting on accessories, it is better to give it a read in these texts:

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