Finding the Perfect Bra

Two photos of your breasts and hop, ThirdLove application finds your size and provides the bra for you.

Finding the perfect bra, mission impossible?
According to underwear studies, almost 8 out of 10 women wear a bra poorly adapted to their chest, which itself changes over the years.To help us find the right cup size, but also the shape and maintaining quality we need, many tools have emerged, among them applications for smartphones . Until now, the principle was the same: fill our measurements, the phone gives us the characteristics of proper bra. Brand underwear ThirdLove innovating, developing an application, available from the Apple Store and soon on Android, which makes finding the perfect piece… with a selfie!
The manual is simple, the site says TechCrunch. First step, using your smartphone, in tank top (and bra) facing your mirror, you take two photos of your breasts, face and the other side. The technology, developed by researchers in computer vision, uses image recognition and allows to model both selfies one over the other. Second step, the app handles two pictures and find the exact size would suit you. It is not there a standard chest size followed by the letter corresponding to the cap, but a more accurate measurement because ThirdLove specialized in half-sizes. Finally, the last step, the app lets you choose among its different models (push-up, bins) to your exact size and customize them to your taste.
If this mode of marriage and high tech is not yet available in the United States, “we are growing rapidly and will expand delivery to the international very soon” promises ThirdLove on its website.