Find the Right Bikini for Your Body Type

With summer around the corner, our thoughts are invaded by lazy days spent on the beach, in the company of the sea, the Sun and a fabulous bikini! Between the traditional swimsuit, the bold triquíni and the favorite bikini, find out which model it is killing. Then, let yourself be inspired by the smooth, patterned, striped and flowered …

If Is High

  • You can choose between the bathing suit, the triquíni or the Bikini, because any piece of swimwearis good for tall women!
  • If you have legs to lose sight and therefore a little waist defined, recovers choosing a bikini with applications side, which will give the illusion of curves!
  • The triquíni is also ideal for who is high, because as is clipped at the waist will fill her curves in all the right places!
  • When it comes to stripes, opt for the horizontal, since the vertical will highlight even more the your height.
  • The bikinis with shorts favour women tall and skinny, creating the effect of a shorter torso, if that’s what you want.

If Is Low

  • Who has short legs should always choose lower Pant and dug, which will create a lengthening effect. With the Bikini can look taller.
  • A bathing suit or triquíni are also a good option, since chosen in solid colors and preferably dark.
  • The vertical stripes are perfect to “grow” a little and quickly!
  • Additionally, always use waist underwear descent, not to “cut” a torso that is already short.
  • If you have narrow hips, choose the Bikini panties in a light color, with applications to a more curvaceous.
  • If you want a visual daring and not afraid to show the body, a small bikini works flawlessly in petitebodies, because as reveal more than cover, the effect is an elegant silhouette.

For Anyone Who Has a Protruding Belly

  • Avoid the bikinis, will only draw attention to the area of the body that least favours!
  • A swimsuit with a specific band to “hold” the belly, is ideal.
  • Another option is to choose a swimsuit with a wavy effect or on the Web, the sides or in the abdomen, to hide the extra pounds!
  • In these cases, you should choose swimsuits with patterns, also help to disguise the tummy!
  • If it still won’t let go of your bikini, choose one that has high panties to cover the protruding belly and no investments or ties on the sides, which will contribute with more volume in the abdominal area.

If Your Body Is Wider at the Bottom

  • The ideal is a bathing suit with a good cleavage and some details in the top zone: in addition to balance the silhouette, deflects the attention up.
  • If you prefer the Bikini, run shorts with lots of details and/or accessories side, really dug and panty-shorts, choosing an intermediate model, with sides that have a width of at least 7 to 8 cm.
  • Another trick is to choose a bikini with a solid color underwear and a bra stamped to take the emphasis of the bottom of your body.
  • Forget the underwear and add a bold bikini top and a pair of shorts slightly wider for a LookSexy And Comfortable! 

If Your Body Is Wider On Top

  • For a woman with an athletic body, it is important to define your shoulders and create a feminine silhouette. To achieve this, nothing better than a model – bikini or swimsuit-halter type (tied behind the neck), the effect is very sexy!
  • The handles of your swimwear should always be thicker to divert attention from your torso off and create the illusion of arms more elegant and feminine.
  • Asymmetric swimsuits-covering just one shoulder, for example – favor who is wider in the upper body, because they create natural curves and disguise broad shoulders.
  • A detail or accessory in the center of the chest is another trick to divert shoulder looks.
  • Forget the horizontal stripes, will give even more width to your status.

If You Have Large Breasts

  • A bulky chest requires a bra with wide straps (the spaghetti straps will be lost and focus the attention of who looks where you don’t want to!) and with an extra reinforcement in the canopy.
  • Forget the Bras falls-falls, even though they support bra: will be uncomfortable and feeling that breasts are always on display, i.e. will spend the time pulling the falls-falls up!
  • For obvious reasons, the BRA should be a dark color and solid, but surprised with an underwear emblazoned or florida, up to divert attention from breasts!
  • If you choose a swimsuit, also this should have “built-in Bra” to ensure that their breasts are back!
  • Divert attention to low, with ultra-reduzidas, panties with frills or ties, to highlight other curves and show your hips!

If You Have Small Breasts

  • A padded bra (now anything exaggeration!) will set and lift the breasts, creating simultaneously an ultra-feminine neckline!
  • The triangle bra is perfect for those who want to “increase” visually the chest and create a natural cleavage, as well as the halter models (tied behind the neck) that produce an instant facelift!
  • Use and abuse of patterned tops, flower, with horizontal stripes and draping for a chest with more volume.
  • Always choose spaghetti straps over thick and details such as ruffles or other applications, which also help to create more volume.
  • Even for those who have small breasts, models falls-falls are not always a good option, because your effect until eventually further reduce the chest. However, if it has an application in the Center, I will define, not smooth, the breasts!