Fifth Largest Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer Sticker Comes To Germany

A new smartphone-name: CoolPad. It’s not is an OEM brand, but one of the largest Chinese manufacturers, slightly larger than the representative in this country already manufacturer ZTE.
Industry giants such as Huawei and ZTE will now also her Chinese rival CoolPad with Smartphones of the middle class in the German market: In
February comes the Android Smartphone Modena for 170 euros. Two more models should also follow in the price segment below 200 euros. CoolPad is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers and was in the 1st quarter by 2015 behind TCL in fifth place, ahead of ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi. In the worldwide ranking was CoolPad 2014 even ahead of Sony.
Sticker put on the worldwide marketing, said Christoph Lichtenberg, who is responsible for the businesses of sticker in Germany and Switzerland. Many features that were long only high end devices, are now available in much cheaper devices, Lichtenberg said.
The Modena, however, comes with a rather modest facilities: only 960 × 540 points in the 5.5-inch display, memory is 1, the Flash memory 8 GB small, Android is installed at least 5.1. LTE, dual SIM slots and a MicroSD slot. CoolPad website, the model Porto noted in addition: 4.7-inch display of same resolution, a SIM slot, but otherwise similarly equipped including LTE. For the devices, there is no order yet.
The company had announced the first expansion plans in last March and is in between represented among others in Eastern Europe, Indonesia and Vietnam. The stock price collapsed in June and what one analyst still too much focus on the Chinese market was the compared to Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE, which reported Chinese South China Morning Post.