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Every year, new colors and decorative styles are quoted as trends in terms of interior design. Several guesses have been made over the years  and many new features get into the hot trend of decoration and some still stay behind.
But some of them come to be hated after years. You certainly remember the bathrooms in pink color. Today, these pieces are totally out of fashion.
Therefore, this guide met the 5 interior design trends which you will probably find tacky in 20 years.

Featured walls

Featured walls have been a wild decoration for years. The featured walls exist in almost all interior design projects including a bold-accent wall in a home environment.
The main reason for this practice fall into disuse is to paint a wall with an emphasis on tone and let the white compromises the depth and breadth of the environment.
We now know that people seek the sense of grandeur in apartments, as more and more small apartments is becoming more popular in the property market. So it’s likely that prominent walls stop being used in interior design.

Wall stickers

Wall stickers of Phoenixwallclocks are generally seen as very practical solutions to renew and give movement to the environment. This is mainly due to its low cost.
The great thing about this trend is that the wall stickers become boring quickly, especially when it comes to some large or flashy designs.
Stickers are removable, but not without leaving visible damage and often irreparable. When there is no need to peel off the wall, much damage is caused by the paintings with glue.  For these reasons, it is likely that the success of wall stickers falls over the coming years.

Shades of gray

It is a neutral gray color and thus commonly used in the decoration of rooms. Often the space is almost all varying in a range of colors from white to black, alternating shades of gray.
The big problem with this color is the way it gets a tiresome and lifeless environment. Let the gray predominates any room in your home which can make the room becomes lethargic and dull. Everything that does not fit the way of life has disappeared gradually in modern society in recent years.

Vats’ support

Since it turned into trend, vats’ support is seen as an elegant and sophisticated alternative to bathroom sinks or toilets. In fact, they are the same.
However, it is a type of vessel which requires multiple items to be changed in the bathroom due to it, for instance the height of the support bench. The big problem with it is that the other items that we support in bathrooms, like counter tops will be lower and thus it can not contribute to the comfort.
In this case, the possible disuse of these parts can also be attributed to excessive use of support tubs in recent years. In interior designs, the natural order is no longer employed with such recurrence.

Stuffed animals

The stuffed animals were seen as luxury items for many years, but this is a trend that we can already notice that they are losing strength.
The probable reason for this are logical environmental issues. A stuffed animal at home is something that generates controversy with environmentalists, as it is seen as disrespectful to animals and nature in general.
But the idea of ​​composing an environment with the head of an animal is not completely ruled out. The only difference is that now, these heads are only silhouettes of acrylic or cardboard.
As in the fashion world, the comings and goings of interior design trends are very subjective and our guesses can not be assertive, but one thing is certain: the new way of life of the modern world is begging for new ideas for environments .
You can search other forum that discusses other trends which may also fall into disuse in the coming years. Do you agree with our predictions?
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