Fatshark Attitude V2: Test/Comparison

The fatshark attitude v2 is the king of boundless freedom-if you want to match freedom with maximum field of vision..
The Fatshark Attitude V2 Fpv-Goggles
Like all toy products from FatShark, this FPV Videobrille has been designed specifically for FPV flying (First Person View). In contrast to the Dominator series however not as flexible and modular system with interchangeable components and assemblies, but as ready-to-go ready-to-go solution.
Thus, the receiver module (5.8 Ghz) and a head tracking module is already finished and firmly integrated. This results in the higher basic price for the glasses themselves. It should be noted that the FatShark Attitude does not require any additional components, which makes the avoidably high purchase price already relativized again.
Flexibility and flexibility, on the other hand, are clearly restricted. One is fixed on the fixed integrated receiver module. Also on the integrated DVR recorder or an external HDMI output as with the FatShark Dominator V2 or FatShark DominatorHD was renounced. It is thus not possible to operate an external FPV monitor directly on the FPV glasses.
In terms of technology and visibility, this product plays in the upper league of hobby and semi-professional systems-as a multicopter pilot you can enjoy the full freedom of FPV flying to the full:
35° Field of View (FOV)
640×480 pixel resolution
Variable adjustable eye distance
Adjustment of the optics for visual weaknesses in 2 dioptry steps (-2, -4, -6) – not included in the scope of supply
150g weight
These are facts that are once to be surpassed. Even the FatShark Dominator V2 from the same home can not offer these values ​​(viewing range, resolution).
The tests show a very clear and well-balanced image with good sharpness and wide viewing range even in the corners of the two LCD backlight displays.
With 150g, the glasses are comfortable to wear and light weight. As usual with FatShark, the 1000mA LiPo battery is attached to the head directly in the flexible holding strap.
Suggested Composition/Optional Components
FatShark or ImmersionRC transmitter 5.8 Ghz