Faster Surfing: LTE In Germany

Traveling with the smartphone on the Internet. Listen online music. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And all this without hotspot. Thanks to LTE in Germany no problem. But what about availability? Which provider is LTE and how fast are the downloads? We have looked at the connections of Vodafone, Telekom and Co. more closely.

4G LTE: Development In High Speed

Mobile surfing with a smartphone or tablet has become easier, more comfortable and faster in mcat-test-centers. From 2G has become 3G, since 2010 there is 4G LTE. Initially only available at the Telekom, soon also other providers use the high-speed frequencies for mobile Internet according toLong Term Evolution standard. Switching from a 3G connection to LTE is not a quantum leap, but at least 4G in comparison are possible up to five times faster downloads.
Approximately 50 Mbit per second in the download is the standard for LTE, while LTE Advanced allows 300 Mbit per second and more. For comparison, when surfing with EDGE (2G), downloads reach a maximum of 300 kilobits per second.

Not All Mobile Providers Have LTE

Although the network expansion and the surf speed are continuously increasing, not all mobile operators offer LTE. This is due to the fact that not every provider has the appropriate masts, which are sent on the required frequencies. There is also a price question: Discount providers refuse to pay as much as possible fees for their tariffs on the high-speed Internet and instead place on themaximum rates of 3G or HSDPA with up to 42.2 Mbit per second. With Vodafone, O2 and thetelecom belongs LTE however the standard, so the fast downloading and streaming with the mobile phone does not become patience.

High-Speed Internet At Telekom And Vodafone

The fastest mobile internet is currently at the Telekom, closely followed by o2 and Vodafone. All three providers have LTE Max with high download rates in their luggage.
Vodafone: up to 225 Mbps for red and smart tariffs
Telekom: up to 300 Mbit / s for Magenta tariffs
O2: up to 225 Mbps for the o2 free tariffs
The large providers offer download rates that approximate the current LTE Advanced standard of new smartphones. Nevertheless, we generally want faster mobile internet with German mobile phone providers. As grid expansion continues steadily, we are firmly counting on the fact that LTE will continue to spread throughout the entire network.

Other Providers With Fast Downloads

If you are looking for a cheap mobile phone tariff, but do not want to do without Highspeed, you can, for example, look at the Vodafone subsidiary otelo. Otelo tariffs are available with HSDPA+, that is, wait for downloads with up to 42.2 Mbits per second. Most mobile operators have a maximum of 21.6 Mbits per second, such as ay yildiz, blue, or klarmobil.
Slower connections gradually disappear from the screen, even if the maximum speed is not always available depending on the coverage and reception quality.