Fashionable Clothes

Fashionable Clothes

The fashionable clothes 2017 appear marked by natural parts, with simple shapes and more sophisticated. In addition to versatility, punctuated by frequent mix of textures and different tissues. With that, the sets 2017 presents collections punctuated by lightness, elegance, fluidity in silhouettes and lots of creativity.

Inspired styles in the 50, with light and delicate forms, mark the 2017 clothing, in contrast to a more hybrid and male silhouette, which shows through the constant presence of tailoring in fashion, which appears with more casual pieces reinvented, made in soft and comfortable materials, however, without losing all elegance of tailoring.

The sexiness of clothes to watch the next seasons, that arise in models with rich silhouettes, well adjusted to the body and with intense color mixing. At the same time, the comfort mark the main pieces of 2017, leaving in evidence the tissues softened, light and refined, such as silks, wool, cotton and linen.

The sparkles and applications take care of parts, such as jackets and jeans, which bring sparkling details. As well as dresses and blouses, earning fluidity and flexibility, in comfortable and sophisticated fabrics. The patterns also stand out, bringing modern striped dresses and nautical-inspired and romantic, made in cotton, mesh, tulle, silk and synthetics, with floral embroidery, colorful ties.

technological parts, with unusual fabrics mark 2017, clothes that appear to flicker of sparkles, wet aspects, metallic, pursed, effects lizards, and precious and refined details via

The patterns also receive great influences of nature, and bring parts with prints inspired by the fauna and flora, with embossed Butterfly jungle, surreal shapes, country scenes, flowers and animals.

The feminine wardrobe of 2017 will be marked by more relax, sports fashion and casual, punctuated by a lot of jeans, dresses, shirts and pants, made of natural fibers and synthetic fabrics. The coats are well cut and impeccable, bringing flat patterns or plaids, plus linen jackets, flannel, or more prepared, tarpaulins, metallic colors and rustic looking.

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