Fashion Trends Women 70s and 80s Punk

England. The 70s. Starts a cultural movement that don’t limit yourself to music: incorporates a peculiar fashion, a politics and a lifestyle. Bands like The Clash, the Sex Pistols and Ramones popularized the so-called punk rock for the whole world. Along with punk ideology, the youth went on to adopt a style of clothing, hair and accessories of a cultural identity.
Punk changed his face several times a decades long have the 70s. The punk fashion changed very little, only with a modernizing here and another there. There are devotees of more classic punk fashion, while other trends modernize the punk style of dress.
The ideal of visual punk was shocking! It was a way to subvert the cultural standards of the time. So, they adopted Mohicans hair (colored and stuck), torn jeans, pins, scarves around his neck, big boots, and other items that you can check out the images that illustrate this article.
Today, tattoos, piercings, reamers and other forms of cultural modification joined punk fashion trends. There is also an attempt to rescue the punk style in modern clothes, creating retro looks.
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Rates, pyramids and buttons are features present in punk clothes. The customization of races, tops, shirts and pants is also part of the ideology of “do it yourself”.
Where to buy fashionable punk clothes? Punk has always been a movement against capitalism and, consequently, against the great fashion designers.
If you want to create a punk look just because I thought the nice style, without following the ideology, you find parts and accessories in various online and offline shops. If you’re really a punk, the best place to buy clothes is a thrift store. After buying the, look for tutorials to customize your clothes.
Where to find references and looks of the punk fashion? You can find a lot of inspiration in movies like punks can copy the style of women who sing or play in punk bands.
What did you think of the female punk rock fashion looks? Do you have any tips for combining punk style clothing? Want to suggest any punk band to our readers? Comment below!