Fashion Trends Long Dresses 2016

For a few seasons the long dresses were left out of the agenda of fashionistas. The reason is simple: we must be basic and simple to be beautiful for any event. Long has its glamour, but it was highlighted the need to show a little more body and less tissue in order to give more value to the gorgeous and beautiful long. And as he does not do well at any time and not with all kinds of bodies, users liked. But he’s there again, with several bets to pump between long clothes for 2016.

Models and Colors of Long Dress for 2016

You can not help but notice in the windows and shows how fashion was discreet.
No neon prints or color blocking, something fancy past the fashionistas Europeans. We’re going back to the last century beginning of the roots and inspiration in the most closed trends and possible understated elegance. A great example is the return of black and white duo, both pants and blouses with beautiful conjuntinhos as dresses, either in stripes (another inspiration from the past) or just basic black and white, simple and pure. We owe much of it to Coco Chanel there the beginnings of its designer, who preached closed and stylish shades for women of high society and has pioneered end the use of fancy stamping on feminine dresses.

The prints were also less bold and more closed. We have flowers and some prints with leaves in the middle regionalist style of designers here, but nothing very open. Even the models exageradíssimo Alexandre Herchcovitch are with a maximum of three colors. And bringing the yellow in their tubes, the combination is classic, such as yellow and white, yellow and black and once again the dual black and white in the new collection. The new models are already for sale in Brazil.
Ethnic prints also appear on the agenda in wider and with sleeves and gipsy neck models, but without the location as precise as it was last year, as African prints, rock and inspired by Brazilian Indians. We now have colors remembering something, but not very specific, which is good for your closet because you can wear for a few years yet.

Long Dresses for 2016 for Party

And we have to a gala night as bets for next year?
Long yes, but with a little more sensuality in the model and less in color. The tubes back the scene with or without gloss on the red carpet for weddings and dead weight party. The latest red carpets out there showed very dress covered in precious stones with extreme sensuality and closed many shades like beige, brown and black. The beige seems to be the big bet of tailoring luxury of time.
The parties in appearances champion was the long lace dress, one of the strongest bets of the famous and fashionistas. How is timeless, it gives to invest enough in such models and will stay cool. The highlight is red overlay lace dress (two dresses, one in mesh and the other on income above) or in part details such as sleeves, collar and just quit. Income, especially black lace, is with everything, huh?
If your thinking is something geared for summer, go yellow dress. The gold color is great for the turning point thinking of dresses for New Year’s Eve 2016, but also a good tip for January-March holidays, Brazilian summer in most of the country. The cheerful color combines with various shades of footwear and enter the fashion also hand bags, no handles, is a thing of the past.
The smooth and long no longer dragging is your best bet. Forget models with syrup. For now, you are not engaged addressing the altar. The modeling are even shorter, but not so much as to show the whole cinnamon. The ideal length at hand is covering half of the instep, not more than that. High heels enters nozzle scene rounded to combine and jump thicker and stable, plus a point for anyone who is not too high heel fan and want to start.