Fashion Trends for Summer

The fashion for summer 2010/2011 brings you all the essential elements for the season of hot, fresh and comfortable: bright colors, lengths short, lightweight fabrics and fluids, etc, will ensure complete comfort and practicality. Follow hot summer trends 2011, and know what will be the key parts of the hottest productions of the year.
Summer 2011 will be dominated by four trends: ethnic, folk, romantic and yet, the military reference. Choose rustic materials parts, raw colors, shorts cargo, Mailman, colour khaki large parts beyond and fluid. In the prints, floral, floral liberty, of animals, geometric prints of forest and boudoir-lingerie showing, lace, Ruffles, transparency.
The pale colors and whites are still on the rise. Nude, the off white–darling of the moment-, and ice are among the most gifts. However, we are talking about the summer, right? So, strong colors and happy also cannot miss. In evidence are the neons, citrus, blue, green, Orange and metallic.
The lengths decreased, and! Short and very short will make the head, say, women’s legs in summer 2011. What is no surprise for this season, right? Invest in short shorts, dresses, skirts, petticoats fluttering ball of tulle and Lacy, monkeys and leggings. It’s not a big fan of show the pipes? No problem! Bet on jeggings and leggings–use them in a variety of colors and fabrics–they will be the basis for the composition of nearly all the looks. Summer 2011 accessories already ask for metals and precious stones that appear in almost everything. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, shoes and handbags and other accessories.