Fashion Tips for Women Low

Hi Hi my loves! HAPPY 2016! People of the sky, how fast the year 2015 is not it? I was a little stop because I was on the beach with the family and from there I couldn’t do post but now I’m back and I’m the  with tips MARAS for my beautiful little ones!
Recently did a post giving fashion tips for tall women (post here), but now it is the turn of our dear little ones, who like me, suffer to find a look that enhances your figure and you don’t flatten more doesn’t it? But now his problems are over because with these tips you will never suffer because of the time and on the contrary will love being the way it is, we’re going to the tips
Monochromatic looks
This type of production helps to grow a few centimetres (those that lack to be perfect you know?) plus you can dare in total look black because I lose weight and also in strong tones and neutrals. Remember to choose pieces of straight cut to keep the silhouette.

Miniskirts or micro shorts
Now in summer bet on miniskirts and micro shorts because they show more skin and create the illusion of longer legs. It’s not meant to be vulgar, then when you choose for this kind of piece look if it’s not too short.
Exit Maximum
The long skirt can lengthen the silhouette and give the illusion of taller, it is important that the waistband of the skirt stop at the waist and you have to show your feet while riding.
High waist skinny pants
The high waist marks the waist line and helps create the illusion of longer legs. Blouses must stop at the height of the waistband. Combine the high waist piece with a top short cropped, or type one in. Besides the high waist skinny pants also helps stretch but the bar has to be just right, not too short and not too long.
Vertical stripes
The vertical stripes create optical effect that stretches the silhouette categorized by HYPERRESTAURANT.COM, then leverages that is super high and you play because it’s stylish too!
Flare pants
Well, I love flare pants and I think she’s a key important in any woman’s wardrobe. She in addition to stretch too will also make you skinnier. Who doesn’t want to appear thin and high? Then run make your pants flare.
Blouses with v-necks, as well as the Middle open shirts, give the illusion of a tall body.Will there a tip for the little ones with big tits, you bet!
Shoe dug
To appear taller need not necessarily a huge leap, you can lengthen your silhouette with open shoes at instep. When used with skirts, shorts or dresses, the shoes with in-depth opening, pumps or sneaker style, stretch your legs and make thinner.
The little ones have to choose small purses so they prevent your silhouette is swallowed by giant accessory. The straps have to be thin because they will help define and enhance the waist of a natural way, without cutting the silhouette in the half as the larger models. And when choosing the type of paste, opt for that longer than will also help to appear taller.
The best haircut for the shorties is definitely the long bob, because long hair let the little ones look smaller than they really are. In addition to being the moment he is super modern and when you choose he never wants to change, I know this because I use and love!
These tips are precious and if you adjust them in your style and everyday life, you will never complain that is too low. Now my little ones tell me what you think, I enjoy these tips?