Fashion That Fits in Your Pocket and All Sizes!

I’m cheap, but I’m fashionable!  That’s right girls, today the Hunch of Luxury is the way that we love: fashion and super. As you know we don’t have any prejudice with the origin of clothes, brands or price. For us it doesn’t matter if it’s thrift store, fast fashion, boutique or the city centre. What matters is the play be interesting, quality and feel good! You agree? Who said to follow the latest fashion trends you need to spend a lot of money? Know that it is not necessary to blow up the bank account to be a fashionista … happiness could cost cheap! kkkkkkkkkk. The other day, walking through the galleries of a supermarket here in Campo Grande (MS), we encounter the FARFALLA, a women’s clothing store, filled with fluffy parts and precinho downstairs. It is fashion that fits in your Pocket! We do not hesitate to tweak the macaws and found that even in stores considered “popular” we can find cool stuff for all tastes, styles and, believe me, for all sizes.
The FARFALLA meets the female audience the size 36 to 50, that is, everyone has time! The network is in charge of the businesswoman Patricia Pereira, who has been maintaining the prices meeegaaa friends, but all parts with quality and much beauty. So don’t think twice about bringing This BBB palpitinho for you, after all we love everything that comes in favor of our pocket! We made a selection of looks, with various styles and sizes, for all our readers inspire. You will see that even the clothes plus sizes of FARFALLA are very fashion, cheerful, female and follow the latest fashion trends!