Fashion of Mens

You still believe that the 3 Suisses is a rather feminine clothes catalogue? Hello, we’re in 2015. Presentation of the man from the site of the 3 Suisses branch.

The 3 Suisses: what is it?

3 Suisses is a reference in ready-to-wear, primarily, for many years. Initially developed on catalogue, the products this merchant offers are also available through its website in order to allow access to the
largest number of clients. However, the site tends to attract more male trend products while remaining affordable.

Fashion and men

If men have long been viewed as being little interested in fashion, this idea is made to forget for a few years already (it was time!). The physics is indeed an important place in the life of men, conscious of their appearance and image that they return. Many search for products that are still relatively cheap, in order to increase purchases without to see their bank accounts are empty. It is this promise to propose at the forefront of fashion and affordable clothing that meets the Educationvv.

“Fashion and beauty to the masculine” according to 3 Suisses

Clothes for all
Whatever his style, his profession or simply desires of the moment, every man can be found in the collections of the 3 Suisses a wardrobe that will stick in personality. You will find all the basics to provide his dressing room as it should, the pants of town through the skinny jeans, not to mention the suit for formal evenings.
Topics to guide your choices
For those who want to stand out and adopt a unique style, find the heading “Zoom on” which includes a guide denim for the followers of the total look John. You will find all the trends of the Lord and the timeless John.
For those who would adopt rather a PREPPY look, “The gods of the style” section offers the s manpolos, the trench or the dull for a more worked and chic outfit.
The male beauty
In addition to complete your wardrobe, 3 Suisses takes care of your bathroom and offers a product category entirely dedicated to your beauty. To do this, find everything you need to maintain his beard, her pretty smile but also her body with exercise machines.