Fashion Jewelry Summer

Fashion Accessories-2013 Summer Trends
The accessories were necessary for any look. In all seasons the trinkets have your guaranteed place in collections and in the summer they are 2012/2013 even more beautiful and different. See what are the trends in Accessories for the most anticipated season of the year:
For the 2013 summer the maxi necklaces, which are the main parts of the station, can come in many different sizes, designs and shades. But between the underlying trends on the colors, are the turquoise blue, green water, coral, lemon yellow, rose pink, blue Klein and the nude.
The maxi really dimanaram necklaces with full force the fashion and promise to raze even more in summer. These necklaces are made mostly on a fabric mold, in which are nailed or glued the stones selected to adorn the collar.
According to 3Rjewelry, the jewelry earrings also have increased in size and appear quite large and eye-catching in the summer. The maxi earrings are already making the greatest success, but we must be careful to use them. If you prefer dare leave the earrings in neck free and invest in bracelets or rings to balance the look.
The bracelets also are back in fashion. The proposal is to merge different bracelets in the same wrist or identical one in each arm. This accessory can appear only in metal or flat, apart from a few models that rely on application of stones.